Modern Family

Today's family enjoys the benefits of technology, but these upgrades can cause stress on your Septic System. See how you can reduce stress on your system & protect your investment.

How To Use BioTab

We recommend BioTab Septic Enzymes because they are a natural assistant for your septic tank + extremely easy with no mess! See how quick & easy they are to use!

Professional Septic Pumping

Lentz services all of Iredell County and surrounding communities, including portions of neighboring counties. Call to see if we service your area. (704) 876-1834

Grease Trap Pumping

We offer this valuable B2B service to any business or organization that has a commercial kitchen which includes more than restaurants: hospitals, government facilities, nursing homes, event centers & more.

Video Testimony for Grease Trap Services

One of our favorite places to eat is the Boxcar Grille! We also provide Grease Trap cleaning services. See why choosing Lentz for this commercial service is a good idea!

Protecting Our Schools

Lentz was one of the first to donate to the first school in Iredell County for extra safety in case of an intruder - our dollars went to buy special classroom door locks to protect our communities youth.