Safe School Challenge

Lentz Septic helps #KeepOurKidsSafe by donating to Iredell Co Schools. The Lentz #SafeSchoolChallenge is our way of encouraging other business owners in Iredell to protect and motivate our youth!

$200 = ONE SAFE DOOR (or goes toward Window Film, Cameras, etc) CAN YOU HELP?

*If you are the Principal or the PTO Leader at an Iredell County School that needs help meeting your funding, please Contact Us  with details so we can help you #KeepOurKidsSafe

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School Shootings Across the Nation Urged Iredell County Into Action!

Central Elementary was the first school in Iredell to equip it’s classrooms with Safe-Lock Doors to make sure threatening individuals with weapons cannot get into the classrooms once the special door is locked down. Stacy Campbell, the President of the Central Elementary PTO, held numerous fundraisers to make this happen. Campbell was quoted in the Record & Landmark, ““Our children are the most important thing to us.

Everybody wants their child safe at school.”

A letter sent home to parents during the PTO fundraiser described them as “highly effective, and have been proven to secure and fortify an entryway door to withstand several tons of direct sustained force.”

The Statesville Record & Landmark reported on Oct. 4th, 2017 that there was a need for additional funds to beef up the security at Central Elementary School. Matthew Redmond, Keith Lentz and ? all committed to a generous donation.

“Our community and PTO have been so focused on this. They would move mountains to make this happen,” Campbell said. “We are a leader in academics but we’re excited to be a leader in safety.”

The school district used Central Elementary as a pilot to see if the doors would be a good fit for the other schools in the county, board chairman Martin Page said. He added the board did extensive research on the doors before approving them and plans to evaluate how well they serve Central.


Making Progress

Other schools have had the fortified safe-lock doors installed and more are following their lead. Kelly James, Principal at Union Grove Elementary sent a letter out to parents after the Parkland School shooting and raised $4k dollars within 48 hours! Her school was completely funded within six weeks, reaching the $10k Goal in record time. James said she has also had a 3M product installed on the glass entrance doors and wants to have it installed on all the lower-level windows of the school. 

Sharon School had a fundraiser and  reached their goal and had the safe-lock doors installed before the school year began again. All funds for this project came from school partners, parents and PTO fundraising efforts. Jason Humphrey, Principal at Sharon, then turned his focus on Technology, getting laptops his 3rd & 4th graders can share and having Smart TV’s installed in the lower grade classrooms.

Now with COVID infecting our world, schools need additional funds for health-related resources. Your generosity as a business owner or individual will help keep Iredell's youth protected and safe!



Community Service & Responsibility



Central Elementary

Lentz Septic donated $2000 to Central Elementary School in October 2017 and is committed to each school in Iredell County that is approved for these Safe-Lock Doors by promising to pay for at least one door or bullet-resistant window or whatever is deemed needed in each school!



Lentz Septic is challenging other local business owners and managers to donate $200 to a local school.


*Now that COVID is a factor, schools may need Health-Related Resources.

Help make our local schools safer in a push towards Community Service & Responsibility.

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Celeste Henkel Elementary

Lentz Septic donated $200 to Celeste Henkel Elementary School during their fundraising initiative to install the door lock systems and possibly the bullet-resistant film for the lower windows and doors.
This funding continues our commitment to #KeepOurKidsSafe in Iredell Co.


Project Central Safe

We are proud to have been able to help the first school in Iredell County get the Lock-Safe Doors installed - and are excited to be able to help other schools in our county as well as encouraging other business owners and managers to offer assistance.