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8 Outdoor Spring Project Tips

Updated: Mar 14

We’re All Ready To Get Outside & Get Our Spring Projects Started…

so, lets find our gloves and supplies and get to it! But wait! Maybe you should give more thought to all this before you jump in. We’ve found some terrific tips at Family Handyman and how-to to share with you throughout the Spring, starting with landscaping and yard maintenance.

  • ONE thing you need to consider if you have a septic system -or- a small yard is where plantings could effect your own and neighbors’ plumbing. We found this article that gives you 10 Trees NOT to Plant (if you have a septic tank) but it’s a good read even if you don’t bc it gives details about these ten trees you’ll find interesting if you are planning to plant a tree this year! Finish this blog post then go see the HandyMan article (with nice pix) is here.

  • TWO- Before beginning regular maintenance of your lawn, you may need to do some general maintenance on your mower/s. This is usually a simple enough project that can cost $20-100 but if you are not mechanically inclined or don’t have the time, this is a reminder to take it in to a shop for an annual checkup.

  • FOUR- Most of us have the basic tools to maintain a yard and/or garden but if you’re like some/most, your tools have either had too much wear or not enough use (and perhaps not enough care). They may need some maintenance themselves or to be replaced. Now is the time to take stock of what you have, what you need, what to replace … especially if you have projects this year you didn’t have last year.

  • FIVE- Repair or Updating of porch railings and steps can give your home a more welcoming and safer entrance. This is not a project you just jump on though – you need a good design in mind, a plan (blueprint) or buy a plan online or get one from a book – then take the list of supplies and get a few extra pieces (in case of mistakes). This is a project that can be contracted out to a handyman or carpenter. Maybe you need a whole new porch!!

  • SEVEN- Adding new life to your tired landscaping or creating new spaces this year? Colorful blooms, rocks, ornamental fencing/edging, pots, window boxes, a trellis, etc are little things that pack a wallop. There are things you can do that won’t hurt your budget – like buying an inexpensive pot and embellishing it with twine, creating your own trellis using creative materials, or using found/bargain items in your designs for a unique/creative/quirky look.

  • EIGHT- 10 Flowers to Plant that give you beautiful splashes of color and don’t drain your budget (so you can do those other things) are listed here on Family Handyman

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