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4 FAQ About Buying a Home With a Septic Tank

When searching for the right home, you have a lot to consider. Along with evaluating energy-efficient kitchen appliances and the overall condition of the structure, you may need to schedule a septic tank inspection. If the component is rusted, leaking, or clogged, you'll end up paying for costly repairs or a replacement if you don't find out more before closing on the house. Here's some information to think about when discussing the septic tank with the seller.

What to Ask Before Buying a Home With a Septic Tank

How does the tank work?

Most systems contain underground pipes that transfer solid (sludge), floated material (scum), and liquid (effluent) waste to an outdoor septic tank that is also buried in the ground. All waste is drained from the septic tank into a nearby drain field underground. Soil in the yard filters out contaminants and good bacteria safely breaks down the wastewater so that it provides nutrients to outdoor green spaces.

What is the repair and maintenance history?

Most septic tanks require professional pumping every three to five years. The frequency of this septic system maintenance service typically depends on how much wastewater a home uses and the tank’s size.

Annual inspections should also be conducted to identify leaks, clogs, or unusual odors. A home seller should be able to provide you with documentation showing pumping, maintenance, and septic tank inspection dates and what services occurred.

How old is the septic tank?

Tanks that are 25 to 30 years old may be nearing their expiration points if they have not been routinely pumped and maintained. Septic tanks of this age could also be susceptible to damage if there are trees nearby. Roots can enter the underground plumbing and cause backups and leaks inside the home’s drains and faucets.

Can I see the septic system’s location?

When visiting the home, you should visually inspect the area around the tank. For example, soggy soil or harsh odors could be a sign of sewage backup. Take note of the septic tank’s proximity to slopes, waterways, property lines, and trees. By paying attention to these elements, you can increase the likelihood of purchasing a home that will require minimal septic system maintenance in the future.

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