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The MODERN FAMILY Creates More Waste

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Our lifestyles are often hectic, and being at home is no exception, especially in households of four or more people. Americans tend to bathe daily and some of us bathe more than once a day!

Our American culture differs from other countries in other ways as well, and as modern families, we create more stress on our septic systems than we did during the days of our parents and grandparents… because you know that funny quip you hear from people, “what are they doing in the tub? It’s not Saturday!” LOL, right? But it does come from when Americans (our families) only washed once a week!

Change is good – and I for one am glad we started bathing more often. But as our habits change, so does our environment. One thing that doesn’t change is Cause & Effect. As our lifestyle became more hectic and technology advanced, we started to produce more waste products that get washed down the drains!



People in the UK, France, Sweden, China, Turkey and Spain bathe less than we do?
In a 2016 survey, people in the UK revealed that only 14% bathed daily and that number is included in the 1/3 of people in UK that bathe 3+ times a week. A whopping 22% stated they rarely take a bath!


How Do You Know If Your Modern Family Overloads Your Septic System?

So, we are okay with the changes and advances we’ve made over the last 40-100 years. We’re actually thankful and proud! But we also need to be practical and make sure we take care of the new methodologies we have in place to make us comfortable and help us progress.

Does your modern family overload the septic system?

Mentally check off any of these ways you are adding to the burden of your system:

  • wash multiple loads of laundry in a single day

  • do laundry several days (or every day) each week

  • run a dishwasher everyday/several days a week

  • have a garbage disposal

  • have little ones that love flushing the toilet (sometimes with non-flushables in the bowl)

  • have teens or any resident that bathes more than once a day

  • do laundry and run the dishwasher at the same time

  • use fabric softeners and/or bleach every time you do laundry

  • drive over your drain field

  • have a swimming pool that is connected to the septic

  • share a home with another family

  • have extended guests

  • use chemicals to clean with – and pour the dirty water down the drain

  • wash hands with petroleum products

  • wash out paint brushes, etc

  • flush old medicines, oils, make-up, etc

  • flushing objects on the #doNOTflush list





What Can Your Modern Family Do To Reduce Stress On Your Septic System?

It’s a simple yet invaluable system that helps keep our homes and families healthy. It deserves some praise and some assistance from time to time, like maintenance pumping, checking the drain lines, repairing any damage, or cleaning the effluent filter.

There are also other things your modern family can do on a daily basis to help it run more smoothly, need less frequent cleanings, and cause less stress/damage overall.

  • be mindful of when you’re doing what and do not use other water systems when washing clothes

  • cut back on how often you use the dishwasher

  • wash smaller loads of laundry or spread laundry chores out instead of doing it all on same day

  • do not rinse out oily pans in the sink – dispose of oil waste in trash can or keep an old ice cream bucket (with lid) under the sink to scrape this type of waste into

  • do not flush anything but #1, #2, and your tissue paper – EVERYTHING ELSE should be put in trash can even “flushable wipes”, cigarettes, q-tips, ashes, out-of-date medications, etc

  • spread out bath times if possible – limit to one at a time. Perhaps smaller children could get theirs’ in right after dinner, giving more space between adult showers.

  • toss any chemical-laden water out into the yard instead of down the sink or tub

  • cut back on use of fabric softeners and bleach or find less harmful alternatives – there are several non-toxic brands available

  • clean paint brushes, greasy hands, etc at an outside spigot or a sink in the shed that is not connected to the septic

  • limit the stay of house guests or create a schedule for bathing and laundry so as not to overload your system (see our blog post about House Guests here)

  • use a high quality septic enzyme like Bio-Tab tablets to help keep a healthy balance inside your tank

There are lots of ways to reduce the stress of all the waste we send through our septic systems. Allowing time between each use is the most beneficial. Check out our blog posts and Get The Scoop Newsletter for more tips and information on septic systems.

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